Population Health

Enabling health services to increase value, with evidence-based  patient insight at system, place and neighbourhood level.

Integrated care

Measuring key experiences and outcomes to evidence value in healthcare.

Integrated care aims to prevent disjointed care by removing the traditional divisions between hospitals, family doctors, physical and mental health, NHS and council services.

In order to do this, health and social care decision makers need evidence-based population and patient insight at system, place and neighbourhood level to “show how it uses public involvement and insight to inform decision-making”.

The recently-published Statutory Guidance Working in Partnership with People and Communities** emphasises the need for local communities to be involved in identifying what matters to the population and for the patient voice to be an integral part of decision making.

To achieve the triple aim for NHS organisations:

  • To support better health and wellbeing for everyone
  • Better quality of health services for all
  • Sustainable use of NHS resources

Providing feedback, and direction for Integrated Systems

Identify and measure Key Experience Indicators and inequity across your ICS and population.

  1. Anticipate and shape outcomes and experience through community engagement.
  2. The provision of evidence from 6 million reports to help providers design the first encounter of the citizen with the service.
  3. Clarify priorities, making the problem that is bothering the person most explicit, to ultimately make a decision that is right for them.


Design and plan healthcare For 2023 to 2033 - Embrace The New Paradigm. 


The local population with patient feedback and recommendations on integrated care services.


Health inequalities, variations in quality of care, issues which matter most to patients at a Place, Neighbourhood and System level. What is working and what isn’t on a pathway.


The success of your interventions in real time and ensure you are measuring the right things. The burden of treatment as well as the health service cost.


To others that you are meeting the needs of the population and optimising value.

How can iWGC support?

Whether you are looking at a particular pathway, condition or at a broader more flexible model, iWantGreatCare supports the work of Integrated Care Systems in the following areas:

Co-design of Key Experience Indicators

Creating an approach to the measurement of what systems need to know in order to identify WHAT to change and HOW to change it. Identifying what to ask and how to ask it in order to create a robust data set to support decision making and evidence the impact of change.

Data collection

Using the iWGC platform to listen to the local population through a range of digital and offline methodologies, enabling people to respond in the way that suits them.

Data analysis

A powerful suite of reporting that analyses not only the quantitative data (scores) but provides a thematic analysis of what people are saying in real time and identifying any variation or inequalities in experience or outcomes based on socio-demographic or health factors.

Community feedback and engagement 

Using iWGC’s public platform to share information with the local community - what do other people like me say about my local service? helping the local population find great care and engage them with quality improvement initiatives and PPI activities.

Why work with iWantGreatCare?

  1. Increase personal value by creating outcomes that matter to patients.
  2. Increase population value by treating the problems that are bothering patients most.
  3. Reduce inequity by relating experience and outcome to level of deprivation.

Live Webinar footage

Measuring key experiences and outcomes to evidence value in healthcare.

10th October, 2022 at 1pm.
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A message from Sir Muir Gray:

“Knowledge is key to the successful delivery of value-based healthcare in integrated systems… not only knowledge from research, the evidence and knowledge from statistical analysis but knowledge from the citizens’ own words, in order to make the right decisions.”
Sir Muir Gray
 iWGC Chief Knowledge Officer
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