The idea for iWantGreatCare came from observing the growth of reviews: "What struck me was that people will look at reviews and ratings before a meal out, or buying a bicycle, yet probably some of the most important decisions they will make are, 'who's going to operate on my child?', 'which GP should I register with?', 'what will this drug do for me?'.

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14 June 2017 Oxford:
Two leading NHS cancer programmes at the forefront of working collaboratively to deliver world class cancer care have appointed iWantGreatCare (iWGC) to create the UK’s largest ever patient feedback system for measuring in real time the experience and outcomes of cancer patients across their pathways.

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Modality Partnership, selected by NHS England as a Multi-Speciality Community Provider in the New Care Models Programme, is partnering with iWantGreatCare, the single largest independent source of patient feedback in the world, to measure and analyse the impact of its initiatives which aim to enhance the primary care that patients receive.

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