Welcome to iWantGreatCare

iWantGreatCare enables healthcare organisations to deliver continuous, and entirely patient-centred, quality and safety improvements across their services, whilst also driving stakeholder and clinician engagement across the entire organisation, boosting staff morale and ultimately reducing costs.

iWantGreatCare's proprietary and cloud-based technology platform collects, monitors, analyses and reports patient experience and outcomes data.

With over 4.5 million reviews in its database, iWantGreatCare is already one of the largest sources of patient data available globally today.

How iWantGreatCare can help

From board to ward, reduce infection risk and provide insights for Boards and official inspectors.

Engage clinicians and ensure you have an overview of patient experience across all sites at all times.

Vanguards & STPs

Have programmes designed in over 20 languages to collect patient-reported
experience and outcomes data.


Comply with ABPI and BHBIA guidelines using a managed monitoring and alerting system.

Engage clinicians with feedback and instantly meet requirements for revalidation, appraisal and CPD.

GP Practices

Know how your care is affecting your patients and how to become more effective and efficient.


Why iWantGreatCare?


iWantGreatCare passionately believes that today's variance in care quality, and therefore also in outcomes, can be addressed when patient experience and outcomes data are used correctly and constructively as a quality metric. Publishing patient experience and outcomes data online and utilising the insights meaningfully empowers change, embodies a culture of transparency and the accountability can transform healthcare globally.

What iWantGreatCare offers

Secure Data Links

User-friendly interfaces & Apps

Automated monitoring

Secure patient review data

Clinician profile tools

Advance analytics tools

Custom report builder

Dedicated platform support

Partners working with iWantGreatCare

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