Harnessing continuous patient experience and outcomes to drive quality improvements across the NHS

iWantGreatCare offers both self-service and fully managed patient experience solutions to suit all budgets. All solutions are specifically designed for NHS Trusts and meet all requirements of the Friends and Family Test.

What iWantGreatCare does:

1. Measures, tracks and benchmarks quality down to ward level
2. Enables you to understand the value and efficacy of treatments and the patient's quality of life over time
3. Supports ongoing quality improvements trust-wide
4. Empowers managers to achieve change at a local level
5. Raise staff morale, reduces absenteeism
6. Reduces formal complaints
7. Facilitates public engagement and showcases the high standards of care offered by your trust
8. Evidences excellence and responsiveness to the CQC
9. Makes revalidation simple for individual clinicians, nurses and AHPs
10. Minimises spend on patient no-shows (DNAs)


From initial scoping, process definition, testing and setup, have a dedicated team and Account Manager to help with every step.


Collect real-time patient experience and outcome insights across SMS, tablet, paper and offline.


Every review processed and passed through iWantGreatCare moderation system, ensuring authenticity.


iWantGreatCare's intelligent reporting process can monitor for adverse events and alert named individuals.


Complies with all NHS reporting requirements. Insight enables tracking, understanding, action and improvement


Transparent and accessible, showcasing outstanding care to staff, patients and the public.

Liz Mouland, Chief Nurse and Director of Clinician Standards, First Community Health and Care

"I have no doubt that the patient insight we get from iWantGreatCare had a positive impact on our exceptionally high staff engagement levels in the recent NHS staff survey, which in turn is enabling First Community to provide even better health services for the community we serve.

By consciously placing patient and staff feedback at the centre of the organisation, we have created a strong team ethos with openness, honesty and continuous improvements now part of our DNA. This enables us to provide high quality community health services which continue to improve as well as providing colleagues with fulfilling and enjoyable careers."

Dr Nadeem Moghal, Executive Medical Director, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

"The reason I like iWantGreatCare is because I think it’s simple. It’s really simple and easy for patients. It actually does affect staff behaviour without you having to do much more than asking for that transparency and honesty in the work they do everyday.

Our patients expect transparency; our regulators measure our transparency; we want to be transparent. We can improve what is measurable; we measure ourselves or we get measured – I know what I would prefer; get onto the website, build a process to secure regular feedback and use the data as part of monitoring and appraisal; let your patients tell the world how good you really are."​​​​​​