Insights for improved care quality, safety and financial performance across the entire care pathway


See the services you offer through your patients’ eyes and use this to gain insights on a much larger scale. Real-time feedback and reporting enable constant evaluation and improvement.

With over 10 years experience working with NHS Trusts, Vanguards, STPs and ICSs you can take advantage of established, easy-to-use and secure technology developed in-house by iWantGreatCare


.How iWantGreatCare can transform your organisation

Real-time moderation

Continuous quality and safety improvement across healthcare systems. Acts as 'smoke-detector' of safety.

User-friendly interfaces and apps

Solutions offered with offline and online capabilities and adapted to suit department or patient type.

Automated monitoring

Reviews passed through iWantGreatCare's transcription and moderation system to protect against misuse.

Engagement of staff

Build clinical morale and staff
engagement, resulting in cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Advanced analytics tools

iWantGreatCare's intelligent reporting process can monitor for adverse events and alert named individuals.

Custom report builder

Gain access to reports and dashboards that update in real-time. Have an overview of patient experience across all sites.

Key benefits of iWantGreatCare for Vanguards and STPs

Dedicated platform support


Patient reviews collected offline and online

Moderation system


Clinician profile tools


Real-time patient experience PREMs