GP Surgery Patient Experience Solution Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the iWantGreatCare GP Patient Experience Solution?

    iWantGreatCare provides a simple, self-managed tool for collecting continuous, real-time feedback from every patient about their surgery as well as their GP.

    Your Practice will receive:

    • An admin account to manage surgery profiles and data
    • Real-time surgery reports, complete with FFT feedback and qualitative comments
    • Unique web page for each surgery allowing patients to provide online feedback
    • Access to promotional materials and guidance on how to engage patients
  • I can collect feedback using paper forms within my surgery, why do I need iWantGreatCare?

    As part of the Friends and Family Test (FFT), as of December 2014 all GP Practices are required to collect large volumes of patient feedback for all it’s surgeries and feed this into the Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS).

    iWantGreatCare's core solution is entirely online, moderated, easy-to-use and meets all NHS England’s FFT requirements. (A paper collection method is also available if required, please enquire for further details). Using this solution allows you to benefit from the expertise iWantGreatCare has obtained through delivering FFT in hospital and community settings since 2012. This frees time for managers, staff and clinicians to concentrate on providing the best possible care to patients.

    It can also become costly to print large amounts of paper forms, this cost is elimiated when using iWantGreatCare's online solution.

  • How does iWantGreatCare differ from NHS choices?

    iWantGreatCare is the largest independent supplier of the FFT, working with over 40 NHS acute and community Trusts as well as private services. 

    The iWantGreatCare solution allows clinicians to register and also collect patient feedback of their own, allowing patients to give their opinion on all aspects of your service. All clinician feedback gathered using iWantGreatCare can be used for revalidation purposes.

  • Can I use other patient experience services at the same time as iWantGreatCare?

    There is nothing to stop you doing this, although it is far easier for patients if there is only one service to use and far easier for you to analyse results.

  • If a surgery receives negative feedback, is there an option to remove it?

    Hundreds of thousands of reviews have been made by patients through iWantGreatCare and the overwhelming majority of them are positive.

    Abusive comments are rare - partly because patients have to provide a validated email address to add a review. iWantGreatCare has developed a multi-layered security system which deploys automated, statistical and technical solutions to detect spurious or malicious ratings, as well as to prevent campaigning and multiple reviews.

    Occasional negative comments are received and many people find this feedback helpful in highlighting an area for improvement. It is also possible to report feedback which may be of concern directly from the site.

  • Is it possible to respond to feedback left?

    Yes, it is possible to respond to individual feedback left through your account. Your response displays next to the patient feedback on your surgery’s public profile page. 

  • What level of support do iWantGreatCare offer?

    Upon joining you will be sent a Welcome Pack in the post with guidance on how to get started. The system has been designed to be simple and minimal, however if you ever need guidance or have any questions, please contact the team at:

  • How do I add / remove a GP from my iWGC Practice page?

    Click here to watch how you can add or remove GPs from your iWGC practice page. 

  • Will patients only be able to feedback online?

    The iWantGreatCare GP Practice Patient Experience core solution is only available to patients online, however paper collection can also be provided if required. Please enquire for details. 

  • Do practices need to have an IT system/mobile tablet to facilitate this in the surgery?

    This is only required if you’d like patients to give their feedback whilst in the surgery.

    Most patients have access to the internet either at home or via their smartphone and can submit their review afterwards at a time convenient to them. To help encourage patients to leave feedback, the Welcome Pack sent upon registration includes business cards containing a link to iWantGreatCare. These can be given out to patients during consultations, encouraging them to leave feedback.

  • Will iWantGreatCare provide any promotional materials to help collect patient feedback?

    Yes, you will receive a poster and stickers to advertise that you are using the iWantGreatCare service; sets of iWantGreatCare business cards containing a link to iWantGreatCare; top tips cards to maximise patient response rates and details on the free tablet offer. 

  • Are there any mandated questions by NHS England?

    Yes, there is one mandatory question: 

    We would like you to think about your recent experience of our service. 

    'How likely are you to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?' 

    The responses to this question are: 'Extremely likely', 'Likely', 'Neither likely nor unlikely', 'Unlikely', 'Extremely unlikely' or 'Don't know'.

    If NHS England issue new guidance for the phrasing of the mandatory FFT question then iWantGreatCare will make updates to their website in order to be fully compliant.

  • Is there flexibility in the questions patients are asked?

    As standard, patients are asked the mandatory FFT question. iWantGreatCare asks further questions to help determine a greater understanding of patient experience. This also gives comparative data across primary care groups. The additional questions asked can be found below:

    - Were you involved enough in decisions made about your care and treatment?

    - Was the surgery clean?

    - Were the receptions helpful?

    - Is it easy to get an appointment (either by telephone and/or at the surgery?)

    - Please help others by sharing your views and experiences (free text answer)

    - Demographics: date of last appointment, age, gender, type of reviewer (patient, carer, colleague), ethnic group, long standing conditions
  • Is it a requirement for all GPs at my surgery to also register?

    No this is optional. It is possible for a surgery to collect feedback without a GP also doing so. However, many GPs do and find individual feedback helpful and insightful. Feedback can also be used for revalidation.

  • Would individual GP feedback be sent to NHS England?

    NHS England will require answers to the FFT question for the surgery only in the first instance.

    If GPs chose to register with iWantGreatCare, all their reviews will be visible to the public on and available to them to download as a report.
  • How will I access and manage my information?

    You will be provided with an account to access an online management portal. Through this interface you will be able to:

    - Ensure your practice name and address are correct

    - Link GPs who work at your practice

    - Respond to feedback left for your practice

    - Download reports

    - Download promotional materials

  • How do you ensure data quality?

    iWantGreatCare has years of experience in managing and monitoring the quality of the data it receives. A sophisticated multi-level system is used to automatically evaluate submitted feedback. This mitigates the risk of bad data and helps identify the risk of campaigning or malicious reviews.

    This automated system is backed up by people: a data management team monitors the flow of reviews and ensures the proper functioning of the data quality systems.

  • What do you do to ensure that our surgery data is stored securely?

    All data is held in iWantGreatCare’s master database, which is accessible only to authenticated members of iWantGreatCare staff. All access is monitored and password protected. In addition all connections to the database are end-to-end encrypted ensuring that no data can be intercepted whilst ‘in-transit’. All connections to the iWantGreatCare website are similarly protected by industry standard SSL encryption, and all access to administrative functions by iWantGreatCare staff are granted on an individual basis and protected by multi-factor authentication.

  • Does iWantGreatCare have data protection registration?

    iWantGreatCare has had full registration with the Information Commissioner since 2008, registration number Z1387794, and processes and systems are in place to ensure full compliance. Data security and protection are of highest importance to iWantGreatCare.

  • Can you guarantee confidentiality of patients who use the service?

    iWantGreatCare only collects a very limited amount of data about users of the service. The only personally identifiable information collected from a patient is their email and IP address. This is used during the review moderation process and is necessary to validate reviews. This information is only collected when a user adds a review and is not published to the website. Any personally identifiable information is kept securely in the iWantGreatCare database.

  • How do I register my GP Practice to iWGC's online FFT solution / How do I log in to my iWGC account?

    You can register your GP Practice by going to 

    Click here to watch how to register your GP practice and log in to your iWGC account. 

  • Can I add an additional surgery to my iWGC GP Practice account?

    Yes, click here to watch how to add additional surgeries to your account. 

  • Can I link my GP Practice website to iWantGreatCare?

    Yes, you can embed your unique URL on to the practice website. You can also embed your unique widget code (found in your iWGC account). 

    To watch how you can do this, click here. 

For further information on the iWantGreatCare GP Surgery Patient Experience Solution, please contact the team on 01993 869232 or to discuss your needs.

Alternatively you can sign up to the solution here

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