We put patient outcomes at the heart of what you do.

  • ✓ Evidence real world value
  • ✓ Understand patient pathways
  • ✓ Drive patient and provider engagement

iWantGreatCare for Pharma & Life Sciences. Partner with the experts

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Evidence real world value

  • ✓ Measure user experience and outcomes through continuous, real-time data collection in every care type and setting
  • ✓ Direct, independent word of mouth recommendations and competitor analysis
  • ✓ Differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace or evidence your value in new fields

Understand patient pathways

  • ✓ Identify actionable improvement solutions through comprehensive, real-time insights and reporting
  • ✓ Understand sentiments and emotions to inform strategy
  • ✓ Early warning system of patient attitudes and pharmacovigilance monitoring

Drive patient and provider engagement

  • ✓ Solidify brand position as trusted, transparent and patient-centred
  • ✓ Use real world evidence to shape public perceptions and unlock larger markets
  • ✓ Integrated insights reporting throughout the entire product life-cycle

Experts in real world evidence for over a decade

iWantGreatCare works with organisations across the NHS, private healthcare and life sciences to:

  • ✓ Understand every aspect of the patient experience
  • ✓ Identify value across care pathways and networks
  • ✓ Drive up quality and safety
  • ✓ Deliver tangible, actionable, patient-centred insights for quality improvement

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