We put patient outcomes at the heart of what you do.

iWantGreatCare is leading the way in supporting the pharmaceutical industry to drive continuous improvements in direct patient outcomes.

iwantGreatCare puts patient outcomes at the heart of what you do by continuously gathering patient feedback on their experiences and outcomes of the medications, treatments and services delivered by you.

Through analysis of this insight, iWantGreatCare advise on solutions to improve quality and safety of care, whilst the iWantGreatCare pharmacovigilance monitoring system alerts to adverse events and provides real world evidence of compliance.

iWantGreatCare can support the entire life-cycle of a drug and can work with numerous teams across your organisation including Market Access, Patient Engagement Teams, Brand, Innovation, Government Affairs, Medical, Joint working groups, and more.

Demonstrate patient outcome and compliance with live, measured patient insight

  • Gain valuable patient insight - measure, track and benchmark patient experience and outcomes (PREMs and PROMs), direct from the patient, with our multi-language platform.
  • Understand and demonstrate standards of patient outcome through comprehensive reports.
  • Benefit from insights throughout the entire life-cycle of your brand, from clinical trials, pre-marketing, launch and product maturity.

Evaluate and alert for continuous improvement and compliance assurance

  • Identify continuous improvement solutions – A real-time, analytical dashboard, summarising high volumes of powerful clinician and patient insights, enables you to understand, evaluate and act.
  • Be alerted to, safety, AE and compliance issues via a bespoke and robust early warning system. The site is fully compliant with the industry regulatory codes. Our pharmacovigilance monitoring system will provide a pharma company with peace of mind that any reported adverse events will be picked up and reported back within 24 hours.
  • Deliver patient-centric solutions that improve the quality of care.
  • Demonstrate trust and transparency.
  • Provide regulatory bodies with longitudinal, real world evidence for patient outcome related regulation.
  • Differentiate your product in the crowded Pharma market place.

For more information on how iWGC can help your organisation to realise significant patient, workforce and financial benefits, please contact Rupert Potter rupert.potter@iwantgreatcare.org, +447920130697.

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