Qualitative and quantitative insights of treatment efficacy and patient experience along
and through complete care pathways

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Access global, real-time patient experience data. Transform your organisation by looking through your patients’ eyes to become an industry leader.

Use iWantGreatCare’s expertise in ‘What to ask’ and ‘How to ask it’ to gain new insights and a deeper understanding of the patient’s experience of your care programmes. Harness this information to make your programmes more efficient and effective.

.In working with iWantGreatCare you will gain a true partner who works with you to continuously innovate and improve your performance.

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How iWantGreatCare can transform your organisation

Real time feedback

A programme designed to collect key patient-reported experience and outcomes data from patients in real-time.

Insights and analytics

A bespoke, localised data set is identified, extracted, analysed in real-time and available to download.

Drug Specific

Accessing and engaging clinicians with drug-specific, patient impact assessments for the entirety of the care pathway.

Regulation compliance

An iWantGreatCare-managed pharmacovigilance monitoring and alerting, compliant with ABPI and BHIBIA guidelines.

Targeted information

An opted-in list of patients willing to take part in clinical trials and can be actively engaged throughout the trial.


A support programme to encourage patients to take their medicine using real-time monitoring and assessment.

Key benefits of iWantGreatCare for Pharma & Life Sciences

Ongoing support from
iWantGreatCare team

Patient data collected using online
and offline methods

Moderation system ensures


Regular reports for benchmarking, tracking,
action and improvement

Reviews can be published on your
site or iWantGreatCare