From doubters to advocates of the power of real-time patient feedback: new Case Study



With multiple clinics offering advice on contraception, screening and treatment for sexually-transmitted infections and HIV management and care, Northamptonshire Integrated Sexual Health has around 40,000 contacts a year. Initially one of the more reluctant departments in Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to adopt iWGC, the experience of collecting and using has turned staff into real advocates. 

"To describe the feedback as transformational would not be an exaggeration. The qualitative feedback in particular has directly influenced the way in which we deliver our services for the better", comments Claire Bailey of Northamptonshire Integrated Sexual Health.

From changing the appointment booking process to funding a much-needed refurbishment, read about their experiences and learnings in this short Case Study and find out about how it helped shape their services.

Download the Case Study to find out more.




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