Ahead of its time: How NHS Cumbria CCG paved the way with continuous feedback to drive quality improvement across care settings


NHS Cumbria CCG Case Study  

The vanguard programme presents an exciting vision of the future. NHS England has made clear that the key to realising this future is inherent in measuring and understanding - across care pathways and provider settings - the  outcomes that matter to patients. 

Before the NHS new models of care existed, it was apparent to NHS Cumbria CCG that harnessing the power of real-time patient insights across acute, primary and community providers was key to making patient-centred commissioning decisions.

This case study details the particular journey of NHS Cumbria CCG in its co-creation and design of the iWGC online platform which now empowers the voice of patients throughout Cumbria and allows tangible PREMs benchmarking across an entire healthcare economy.  

Download the Case Study to find out more.




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