iWantGreatCare’s multi-channel programmes are so flexible that they can collect patient data in any healthcare system, anywhere in the world

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Expand your programmes internationally and don’t allow language differences to be a barrier. iWantGreatCare is expanding globally to meet your needs and is already operating in over 20 countries and is available in 27 languages.

Have fully multi-lingual offline and online multi-channel programmes. iWantGreatCare’s programmes are so flexible that they work in any healthcare system anywhere in the world.

How iWantGreatCare can transform your organisation


Collect feedback in any language. With over 27 languages available and growing, don't let language be a barrier.


Reviews can be collected and processed both online and offline through various methods and technologies.

Bespoke question sets

Design specific question sets to meet your various programmes. Have questions that will enable you to discover what you need.


Real-time programme designed to collect key patient-reported experience and outcomes data.


iWantGreatCare will support initial scoping, process definition, testing, setup and provide a dedicated Account Manager.

Drug Specific

Track various care pathways following patient impact assessments for specific drugs.

Key International benefits of

Ongoing support from iWantGreatCare team

Patient reviews collected online and offline

Moderation system checks for authenticity

Regular reports for Country benchmarking, tracking, action
and improvement

Reviews can be published on your site or
on iWantGreatCare