iWGC's Certificates of Excellence 2017
Did you get yours?

This week iWantGreatCare announced the recipients of the iWGC Certificate of Excellence 2017. This award recognises excellence by those individuals and surgeries who have put patient experience at the centre of their care. By receiving regular reviews throughout the year and maintaining a high average score, they truly deserve to be acknowledged for this fantastic achievement.

The Certificates of Excellence will display each recipient’s 5 star rating for the previous year. With the increasing amounts of reviews being left on iWGC, the numbers receiving this award are set to increase over the coming years, reassuring patients across the country that they are choosing services that other patients have rated as 5 stars.

The healthcare industry both in the UK and worldwide is changing and is embracing the role that patient feedback has to play in improving services for all. iWGC wants to enable all those who work in healthcare to easily collect real-time, continuous feedback. The Certificates of Excellence will acknowledge those who are leading the way in patient care and experience and the publicly available reviews will allow others to see what 5 star care is.

In light of the current political debates over the NHS, iWantGreatCare aims to bring some light to those clinicians who, despite circumstance, continue to strive for excellent patient care. By gathering patient feedback to improve their services, they not only receive constructive suggestions for improvement but also heart-warming comments, written by patients who took time out of their day to say thank you.