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What are your key values as a business?
iWantGreatCare is making it simple for the public, healthcare providers and clinicians across the world to use the feedback and experience of patients to find, deliver and improve great care.

How will you improve staff morale?
The vast majority of feedback on iWGC is positive. iWGC is a platform upon which patients can recognise and thank the healthcare professions who have looked after them or their loved ones. A recent study shows that 84% of people who left a review on iWGC in the last 12 months were motivated to do so in order to recognise the clinicians who had done a good job.

How will you help reduce costs?
Boosting morale reduces absenteeism and staff turnover, thus reducing locum and recruitment agency costs. A more engaged team who actively seek ways to improve will increase compliance and reduce complaints.

What do clinicians think of iWantGreatCare?
The whole area of direct patient feedback is new and for some clinicians this is very challenging. However, all good clinicians want to know what their patients think about them so they can improve and continue to build trust and confidence.
Clinicians are key to the success of patient feedback programmes and there has been a noticeable increase in their appreciation of how patient feedback can benefit their practice.
iWantGreatCare speaks regularly at events for healthcare professionals and the overwhelming reaction from clinicians is positive. The concept of patient feedback is accepted as being here to stay and one of the most common questions now asked at these events is ‘How do I get started?’
Increasingly, clinicians are promoting their own iWantGreatCare web page and asking their patients to review them directly. These clinicians invariably become the most enthusiastic advocates of the service as they see for themselves, first-hand, the value of patient feedback.

How do you prevent abuse of the system?
iWantGreatCare has developed a complex, multi-layered technology to prevent abuse of the system. This combines human, automated and statistical monitoring at each step of the process and is one of the most advanced security solutions for internet reviews of healthcare.
The technology has been proven to protect from malicious use of iWantGreatCare, and is continually being improved and advanced.

How do patients’ reviews help improve care?
A patient adding an opinion to iWantGreatCare is a direct and effective way to help other patients and carers. As more reviews are added, patients looking for the best doctor, nursing home or medicine can read the shared experience of thousands of others to help them find the care best suited to their needs.
Adding an anonymous opinion to iWantGreatCare is also an effective way to give constructive feedback and thanks to a doctor. This makes the doctor aware of the patient’s experience and helps improve the care they give.
Being transparent and open about patients’ feedback will help doctors build trusted relationship with their patients. Such relationships are known to deliver better health outcomes.

Who runs iWantGreatCare?
The team managing iWantGreatCare passionately believes that empowering patients to share their experience, knowledge and opinions drives change and improvements in the health service to benefit all.
The idea for iWantGreatCare came from Dr Neil Bacon an Oxford specialist and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, who has combined an Oxford and Harvard medical career with a decade’s experience of developing innovative Internet services for better healthcare.
However the real power behind iWantGreatCare is the patients, carers and all those passionate about delivering great healthcare. iWantGreatCare helps to harness, focus and maximise the impact of the most honest, immediate and direct insight into quality care – the patient voice.​​​​​​​