Secure system for collecting feedback and managing online reputation, build trust and your client list

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Take ownership of your internet presence by using the iWantGreatCare platform to control your profile and respond to any feedback left confidentially by your patients. Use your profile page to give prospective patients an idea of your specialities, where you studied or any other information you want.

Transparency and openness will allow you to improve your care of patients and this in turn will help you become more effective as a care provider.

The continuous feedback means that revalidation is made simple and easy, as well as giving you an opportunity to display your learnings.


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How iWantGreatCare can improve your care

Instant online sign-up

Registration is easy and free for
all clinicians. List experience and specialties to better inform patients.

Monitoring and moderation

Reviews are passed through a moderation system to prevent abuse. Support is also just a phone call away.

Control online reputation

Own your page, where patients can leave feedback and you have the ability to respond to comments.


Exceed new GMC revalidation requirements with ease and use real-time insights to support continuous learning.

Boost morale

Gain an understanding of your patients' perspective and see how much your care means to them.

Downloadable summary feedback

Download ratings and reviews for an overview of your care. Gain an overall look at the care you provide.

Key benefits of iWantGreatCare for Clinicians


Safe environment, protects you from abuse


Supports revalidation requirements

Demonstrates transparency and patient focus


Free for clinicians

Manage online reputation