In this increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace doing a good job is no longer enough. We all have to find ways to differentiate ourselves. Which means we need to ask ourselves how are we challenging and pushing ourselves to do more than just providing a ‘good’ service, drug, product and so on.
Whilst there is no panacea, certainly, being able to differentiate yourself is part of the answer. Striving to differentiate is exciting, it leads to innovation and change and drives improvements.

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Neil Bacon, CEO

It's truly wonderful to see one of our best partners, Barts, getting such a strong review from the CQC. Barts have been a prolific user of iWantGreatCare's solutions for over two years and are driving us to create new products and algorithms, such as a future infection risk indicator for them! Well done to Alwen and the team.

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Jason Richards, MD

The number of people in the UK living with diabetes averages around 1 in 16. 90% of those affected have Type 2 Diabetes, which, while initially managed by diet and exercise, is a progressive condition and over time may need to be managed by medications.

June 11th to 17th is Diabetes Week, when organisations and healthcare providers from around the UK raise awareness of Diabetes. As part of this, iWantGreatCare will be donating £2 per review left in the month of June for any medication associated with diabetes. It is hoped the reviews help others facing diagnosis and the money will go towards research into the condition.

Share this news and the link below with friends and family and help pass on the word that less than a minute of their time could raise money and help fight diabetes.


The iWantGreatCare 8th National Symposium was held in May of this year. The theme of the day was ‘How patient outcome and experience data are transforming global healthcare’. A wealth of knowledge was shared across our three panels and involvement from the delegates resulted in some great discussions about the future of healthcare and the direction it’s moving in.

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