About iWantGreatCare

iWantGreatCare was founded over ten years ago by Dr Neil Bacon, an Oxford and Harvard trained nephrologist, to address the huge variance in care standards primarily by increasing transparency and empowering patients to review the care they receive.


Meet the team at iWantGreatCare

Dr Neil Bacon

Founder & CEO

Neil is a former nephrologist and previously founded and grew Doctors.net.uk. Prior to a successful exit, Neil conceived and launched iWantGreatCare in 2008.

Sir Muir Gray


Sir Muir Gray has worked in the Public Health Service in England since 1972 and was knighted in 2005 for the development of the foetal, maternal and child screening programme and the creation of the National Library for Health.

Jon Twinn

COO & Head of Life Sciences

Jon worked with Neil at Doctors.net.uk and has a background in healthcare and using innovative technology to solve practical healthcare challenges.