Modality Partnership's new care model
iWantGreatCare to analyse the impact of patient experience and outcomes for Modality Partnership's new care model

Modality Partnership, selected by NHS England as a Multi-Speciality Community Provider in the New Care Models Programme, is partnering with iWantGreatCare, the single largest independent source of patient feedback in the world, to measure and analyse the impact of its initiatives which aim to enhance the primary care that patients receive.

iWantGreatCare’s healthcare data and analytics platform will enable Modality Partnership to measure in real time the effect of the changes it is making. Whether that’s organising GP Practices into smaller teams so that patients are more likely to see the same clinician, or the Care Management Programme where doctors recommend a holistic care package, Practice Managers and the Executive Team will be able to pinpoint the difference they are making from a patient’s perspective.

Using iWantGreatCare’s analytics dashboard, real-time patient experience and outcomes data will be available at the touch of a button, allowing comparison by surgery and service, across the local healthcare economy. This not only highlights the top performing sites, which can serve to reinforce desired behaviour and levels of care, but can also help pinpoint specific areas for improvement, acting as a “smoke detector” to prevent harm.

With many appointments taking place over the phone or online, as well as in surgeries, Modality Partnership will be taking full advantage of iWantGreatCare’s multi-channel approach to collecting patient reviews, offering patients the option to leave reviews directly on

Dr Naresh Rati, CEO of Modality Group, commented:

"We are committed to developing a seamless, caring patient experience though the new care models programme. While the “hard” KPIs are clearly very important, our ultimate success lies in improving patients’ experience and outcomes. I am delighted that iWantGreatCare is able to provide such robust measurement and data which will guide us as we develop our services in the future."

Dr Neil Bacon, Founder and CEo of iWantGreatCare, said:

"Modality Partnership’s initiatives to improve care by working across boundaries and offering more care, closer to patients’ homes will have a direct impact on their patients. I am humbled to be working alongside such a forward-thinking organisation and helping them understand the difference they make to patients’ lives."

About Modality

As a GP partnership. Modality is working together with other health and social care providers to create a consistent, joined up service that puts patient wellbeing at its heart. This is known as the Connected Care Partnership. This partnership includes Modality, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Hospitals Trust, Birmingham Community NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and works closely with Sandwell and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group as well as other key organisations.
Modality Partnership was selected by NHS England as one of the 14 test sites known as Vanguards. Vanguards have been provided with funding to test out new models of care, with the aim of creating efficiency and providing holistic health and social care that prevents health issues in the future. They are a crucial part of the Five Year Forward View, aimed at making the NHS sustainable.
To do this, Modality is working with the Connected Care Partnership to develop a Multi-Speciality Community Provider (MCP) model of care. As part of this model, patients will be supported by a team of professionals including GPs, nurses, physiotherapists, health care assistants and social care professionals, who will meet as a team to discuss individual patient needs.

About iWantGreatCare (iWGC)

iWantGreatCare's mission is to transform global care standards by empowering patients to give real-time feedback about their care, whether it's about their doctor, nurse, dentist, physiotherapist, hospital, GP practice or, increasingly, their treatments and medicines.
For healthcare providers, the detailed and comprehensive data gathered and analysed by iWGC in real-time delivers significantly enhanced understanding of performance across a range of robust quality metrics, often acting as a powerful indicator of potential risk and harm.

For individual clinicians, the platform now serves to reaffirm the very values and motivations which underlie their drive to work in healthcare in the first place and remind them why they became a clinician.

iWantGreatCare passionately believes that the problem of the variance in standards of care – and therefore outcomes – can be addressed when patient experience data is used correctly and constructively as a quality metric. iWGC’s platform is a game-changing technology that enables open, transparent dialogue between patients and clinicians and heralds an era of true patient partnership.

iWantGreatCare now operates in 23 countries and in multiple languages. With over 4 million published individual healthcare reviews, it is the single largest independent source of patient feedback in the world.