Certificates of Excellence
Positive reactions to the inagural iWantGreatCare Certificates of Excellence

In March, iWantGreatCare released their Certificates of Excellence 2017. These Certificates are based on the data collected in 2016 from feedback left by patients and carers. The inaugural awarding of these Certificates marks a change coming about in the healthcare industry, both in the UK and worldwide.

Once the milestone of 4 million published reviews on the iWGC website was achieved it was decided that clinicians should be recognised for the time they take to care for and listen to patients; and that patients should be able to see a result from the time they've taken to review their healthcare provider. Hence the Certificates of Excellence were planned, with Founder and CEO of iWantGreatCare, Neil Bacon, hand signing every one.

Patient feedback is playing an important part in improving healthcare services. iWantGreatCare's aim is to enable all those who work in healthcare to easily collect real-time, continuous feedback.

The reactions of those who have received these Certificates just goes to show that the opinion of patients increasingly has an impact on the morale of staff and encourages others to strive to reach the five star criteria.

If these reactions are anything to go by, it will not be long before even more manage to achieve and maintain a five star rating.
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