8th National Symposium
A look back: iWantGreatCare's Symposium

The iWantGreatCare 8th National Symposium was held in May of this year. The theme of the day was ‘How patient outcome and experience data are transforming global healthcare’. A wealth of knowledge was shared across our three panels and involvement from the delegates resulted in some great discussions about the future of healthcare and the direction it’s moving in.

Panel One consisted of Ian Dodge, National Director for Commissioning Strategy, NHS England; Suzanne Rankin, Chief Executive, Ashford and St Peter’s NHS; and Niall Dickson, CEO, NHS Confederation. The theme of this panel was ‘Measuring and understanding experience and outcomes in healthcare’. Insights were shared in how using patient experience and outcomes data can drive quality and increase understanding in value for Commissioners, Trusts, Vanguards and STPs.

Moving from NHS to a more commercial setting, Panel Two looked at how true, real-time, patient experience and outcomes data are changing the way healthcare organisations understand and respond to their patients or customers. The panel consisted of: Ben Fletcher, previously Managing Director, Boots Opticians; James Ager, Commercial Director, AbbVie and Alex O’Neill-Kerr, Medical Director of Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust. They discussed how listening on a large scale in real time allowed for greater effectiveness; how the speed of real-time feedback means companies can respond in real time too, promoting the relationship with the customer; and how patient feedback is helping shape the best pathways for care.

Panel Three looked globally, discussing learnings from other countries and how they are using patient experience and outcomes data to shape service improvements. The panel’s first speaker, Vivek Muthu, is the Managing Director of Marvel Health. He explained how important data is with one simple slide.

Keith Klintworth, Deputy CEO of Vitality Health, spoke about health risk management and Muir Gray, Director of Better Value Healthcare rounded the panel off with an assessment of quality rather than quantity.

By all accounts the day was insightful and helpful to all delegates, who walked away with a new perspective on many issues facing the healthcare industry. For clips of the Symposium and more insights, follow us on Twitter @iWGC.​​​​​​