Safely harness quantitative and qualitative feedback from your patients in a controlled, monitored environment

iWantGreatCare for Clinicians

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Key features

  • Instant online sign-up
  • Your own Web page where patients can leave their feedback
  • Robust monitoring and moderation to prevent abuse
  • Email alerts when feedback is left
  • Ability to respond to patient comments
  • Downloadable summary of your feedback
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Key benefits

  • Safe environment, protects you from abuse
  • Supports revalidation requirements
  • Demonstrates transparency and patient focus
  • Enables you to manage your online reputation
  • Free to use
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Leaders in patient feedback since 2008

Used by over 50 NHS Trusts

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Oliver Warren

Mr Oliver Warren

Consultant in General and Colorectal Surgery, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

"iWantGreatCare is a fantastic way to gain immediate feedback on your performance from the people that matter most: patients, their friends and family and your colleagues. I have found it an incredibly useful addition to my practice and I believe all doctors should be seeking to gather this information about their own performance."

Jackie Daniels

Mr Mark Wevill

Consultant Opthalmologist,
Optegra and Space Healthcare

"I wish to get feedback on what patients value. The web is transparent and if someone is dissatisfied with my care, it will appear somewhere at some time especially as complaints are more readily reported than praise. So part of my reasoning is also proactively defensive. I am not a perfect clinician, so if and when criticism does appear it will hopefully give a more accurate web profile."

Kathryn Halford

Dr Nick Tupper

GP and Chair of NHS Doncaster CCG, Kingthorne Practice

"Doing this continuously, asking every patient or their carers to rate me, ensures I get feedback most days: both thanks (which always helps the morale when things are busy e.g. every day!) and suggestions of what I could change to improve my performance and their care. To be honest, it is safe, simple and easy to do, I wonder why every doctor wouldn't want these benefits, especially as it also ticks the box for revalidation."

Liz Mouland

Miss Clare Rees

Paediatric Surgeon,
Great Ormond Street Hospital

"So far I have only had positive feedback which came as a bit of a surprise - I thought it would be the whole range from very happy to perhaps not very happy. It is really lovely to know that what you're doing is something that patients appreciate and they feel I've listened to them, heard their concerns and given them the information they need. When you check on the website and see there's this new piece of feedback it gives you a little lift."