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17 Feb  Celebrating those who make a difference (Part II)

“At last I stopped the unexplainable crying and was able to sleep at night” There is a lot of stigma attached to mental health. Those who don’t experience it themselves may find it difficult to understand why someone can’t simply “cheer… read more

14 Feb  iWGC Top Tips

Generating Patient Feedback  Generally speaking, the rule is - the more the better. The more reviews you gather, and the more frequently they are given, the more accurate and representative your feedback will be.  Below is a list of the most… read more

13 Feb  Celebrating those who make a difference

"They looked after me, mind, body and soul, my whole person"  If you break your leg you know what will happen. You’ll go to the hospital and a doctor will see you; the radiographer will perform an x-ray; the nurse may give you some painkillers… read more

08 Feb  Exciting Opportunity to join iWGC team

Opportunity to join iWantGreatCare as Product Manager  iWantGreatCare (iWGC) has been described as the "TripAdvisor of Health" and works across the NHS, independent UK health companies and internationally. Due to the company’s expansion, iWGC is… read more

03 Feb  iWantGreatCare launches at Royal Orthopaedic

iWantGreatCare announces new partnership with The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This week iWantGreatCare has launched a new and exciting partnership with one of the largest specialist orthopaedic units in Europe. A successful… read more

03 Feb  Celebrating 4 million reviews with Twitter Competition

iWantGreatCare has just reached the milestone of publishing 4 million reviews on the site!Having seen an exponential growth in the last 2 years especially, this upward trend is sure to continue. This couldn't have been achieved without all those who… read more

16 Jan  Jamal Butt joins iWGC team

    iWantGreatCare welcomes Jamal Butt as Business Development Director   iWantGreatCare is delighted to welcome Jamal Butt as Business Development Director. Jamal will be leading the Business Development and Account Management teams across the… read more

12 Jan  “Rate me, I’m a doctor” - GMC urged to implement continuous feedback on doctors

‘Sir Keith Pearson’s Review of Revalidation – Taking Revalidation Forward’ is a huge challenge and opportunity for the UK medical profession. iWantGreatCare welcomes its primary demand that the GMC brings patient feedback into the 21st… read more

12 Dec 2016  Why do patients want to review doctors?

Original research by iWantGreatCare investigates what motivates patients to leave an online review about their healthcare.   In September 2016, iWantGreatCare investigated what motivates patients to leave an online review about their… read more

05 Dec 2016  Boots Opticians Introduces Patient Feedback Service

Boots Opticians has introduced a nationwide public-facing feedback service, which encourages patients to rate and review the service they receive in any of its practices across the UK. It is the first national opticians to introduce an independent… read more