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16 Jan  Jamal Butt joins iWGC team

    iWantGreatCare welcomes Jamal Butt as Business Development Director   iWantGreatCare is delighted to welcome Jamal Butt as Business Development Director. Jamal will be leading the Business Development and Account Management teams across the… read more

12 Jan  “Rate me, I’m a doctor” - GMC urged to implement continuous feedback on doctors

‘Sir Keith Pearson’s Review of Revalidation – Taking Revalidation Forward’ is a huge challenge and opportunity for the UK medical profession. iWantGreatCare welcomes its primary demand that the GMC brings patient feedback into the 21st… read more

12 Dec 2016  Why do patients want to review doctors?

Original research by iWantGreatCare investigates what motivates patients to leave an online review about their healthcare.   In September 2016, iWantGreatCare investigated what motivates patients to leave an online review about their… read more

05 Dec 2016  Boots Opticians Introduces Patient Feedback Service

Boots Opticians has introduced a nationwide public-facing feedback service, which encourages patients to rate and review the service they receive in any of its practices across the UK. It is the first national opticians to introduce an independent… read more

24 Nov 2016  How patients can solve NHS staff morale crisis

“NHS staff morale is at an all-time low” - it’s a headline we read in the media or see on social media time and again. We heard it after Mid Staffs, we read it during the junior doctors’ dispute and underlined the recent General… read more

14 Nov 2016  The essential guide to iWantGreatCare for all healthcare professionals

  The essential guide to online patient feedback for all healthcare professionals.  Why are over 10,000 clinicians collecting patient feedback across the UK? How does feedback affect the clinicians engaged in the process? What can healthcare… read more

26 Oct 2016  Scanners in Trusts: say au revoir to courier costs

Fantastic news for iWantGreatCare and Barts Health NHS Trust this October as landmark new technology - developed over the past 12 months by the dedicated teams at iWGC - reaches installation stage and the first iWGC scanner is installed within a… read more

18 Oct 2016  iWantGreatCare: a clinician's-eye view

Dr Joe McGilligan and Mr Richard Turner recently spoke to iWGC about their experiences of collecting real-time patient feedback, how it affects them and the way they practise. Here is a short “clinician's-eye view” of the difference that… read more

26 Sep 2016  Information and transparency – how doctors can benefit from a new medical register

Much has changed since the General Medical Council (GMC) launched the online medical register – also known as the List of Registered Medical Practitioners – in 2005. At the time it was a real step forward; it gave patients an important… read more

22 Sep 2016  The NHS’ Digital Ambitions Must Be Bolder

Jeremy Hunt came to the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016 in Manchester with big news. He announced ambitious plans to push the NHS into the digital age, heralding a world of virtual healthcare where patients can book appointments, order… read more